Nigel Sharland

This is my personal blog and I should start by introducing myself. My name is Nigel Sharland I own the accountancy practice NR Sharland & Co we have two offices one in London and one in Bournemouth where my family reside close by. I’m sure you will learn more about them as the blog goes on. I have set up this blog to give people an inside view of the life of an account if they are looking to get in to what has proved to be a very rewarding and varied profession.

When I started out in London which seems like a life time ago I was working with many business from sole trader’s to company directors and the industry span we covered was like an ever growing list from pubs and bars to gp surgeries across the city. I had a great time living on the outskirts of the city and traveling in to my central office meeting a huge array of clients across varied sectors. I have to say that’s the main thing that attracted me into this business was that being an accountant you are there as a life line to business owners from small start-ups to plc level and each client has very different needs as to the way in which their business is structured.

After living in London for many years my wife (Philippa) and I decided that it was time to get out of the hustle and bustle giving our kids a more relaxed environment to grow up in. The kids where young with the oldest being 9 at the time so we thought it was a perfect time to take the plunge. It left us enough time to get them settled in new schools before the next parenting meltdown happened (secondary school) I am sure we as parents are more nervous than they are as children.  So since then the kids have left home now and starting their lives as adults which we are both very proud of them for.

My business continued to grow with a huge emphasis on company formation working with a couple of ig recruitment firms one in London and one on our home soil in Bournemouth. It always amazes me the savings people are missing out on by not looking into the various options in the way should run their company’s when working for themselves. Everyone is different so this site should not be seen as advice. If you are currently working for yourself you could always ask your accountant to look at the different options and provide you with the pros and cons alternatively you could always ring us and see how we can help.

This has been a huge part of my business and watching these new companies from formation stage to growing into successful entity’s has been very rewarding I see every project as I am investing my time I become very passionate about the growth of the company. So I suppose that has helped nurturing young business fill the gap after the empty nest syndrome with the kids leaving home.

Hopefully this gives you a bit of a background to me and a very brief career and personal history please see my latest blog posts that will be covering various article’s relating to family finances accountancy and the good bad things I have encountered in my years in the business.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy.


Nigel Sharland